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Derwent Artists Watercolour Pencil Chinese White 72

Derwent Artists Watercolour Pencil

Watercolour pencils, especially this range from Derwent, offer an excellent way of creating beautiful watercolour paintings without even touching any watercolour paints. As watercolour paints can often be difficult to manage, being able to colour in your drawing and then simply brushing with water can make the whole process of creating a painting a whole lot easier.

Derwent Watercolour Pencils can be used dry or wet, on both wet and dry paper, giving you a versatile way of working that will give an excellent variety of effects to experiment with.

There is a great selection of colours to choose from in the Derwent Watercolour pencil range available both individually and as a selection of watercolour pencil sets, allowing you to divulge in this beautiful pencil range with a nice selection of colours in a compact tin or simply top up on your collection with some additional colours or replacements.

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