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Powder & Poster Paints



Cast your mind back to school and picture yourself back in your art class as a young ‘un.  Remember that sloppy paint you were using?  That was poster paint!

Poster paint is a super cheap ready-mix paint that is perfect for kids and adults, is available in a good range of colours that call be intermixed with one another and will serve well as an inexpensive paint to practice with.

Due to its low cost it is also frequently used in theatrical backdrops, so even the professional prop artists are using poster paint.  Poster paint is pretty much just tempera paint with a glue binder instead of an egg yolk binder, but retains very similar properties to its classic grandfather painting medium.

If you’re looking for something a little more basic we have a lovely wee selection of powder poster paint.  There are plenty of colours to choose from, all at extremely low prices for lovely big tins of the stuff.  Don’t expect to create an artists’ quality paint out of the powder poster paints, but they will be perfect for kids’ projects or just a good bit of messing around.