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NASA spent $12 billion developing a pen that would write in zero gravity. The Russians used a Pencil. A classic (and somewhat overused) joke, which Stephen Fry assures us, is a myth. Nevertheless, it illustrates our point perfectly! The simple graphite pencil is wonderful!

We think pencils are so great we have welcomed two adorable additions to the Artstore family. Our almost life size pencils will be skipping all over Scotland during the next month drawing crowds of admirers with their charisma and a box full of gifts!

Our lead filled ladies spent last week with the lovely students at City of Glasgow College making a whole host of new friends while giving out freebies and discount forms to every hard-working student that crossed their path. It was a great day out filled with many laughs, biscuits and pencil related puns.

Their adventures continue this week with a trip to Dundee to meet the students of Duncan and Jordanstone College and they can’t wait. Hopefully they’ll see you there!

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