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The winners of our group funded juried exhibition:

Here’s a taster of some previous works from our selected artists. We are looking forward to experiencing their exhibition, their proposal was very strong and featured sensory elements that have been featured in the artists’ previous output.

Justyna Ataman:

Justyna Ataman

Interpersonal Relations are the core aspect of my art experiments. I aim to understand how we function as a social group by researching specific relations between people; observe how personal needs are formed and expressed in those situations. I hope that analyzing these primary functions will open up questions about how the idea of the Self is constructed. Further on, I trust that awareness of these issues inspires open-mindness and recognition that thinking is extremely subjective and modifiable process. Through exploring a variety of sensual stimuli like sound, touch, kinetic experience, I aim to address unconscious responses to environment and subject matter. Intimacy being a strong aspect of my practice is used in most of the processes as a medium allowing for individual and personal responses.

Krysia Kordecki:

Krysia Kordecki

I create installations that use colour, light and sound to toy with its participants on both a physical and psychological level. I sculpt environments in which the participant is completely immersed, impacting how they interact with the space and others in that space, the end result being one of sensory experience that is less about meaning and more about the effect on the individual’s perception.

Amy Pickles:

Exploring typical tendencies of perception through a multi-disciplinary approach, I play with common elements of the everyday. Creating spectacle in the ordinary, the seemingly banal, I try to make work that initiates an immediate, spontaneous response whilst also building a space for contemplation and reflection. Blurring the role of audience and performer through participatory artworks I want to draw this spontaneity to the forefront through physical engagement, a forced rethinking of your environment. The recurring theme of motion draws the viewer into the moment the piece occupies, the perceptual changes holding your attention, inviting questions and opening up a new understanding.

The exhibition will take place from January 25th at SWG3 Gallery in Glasgow.

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