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The Masters Banquet

Oh it’s a hard life! After taking in all the digital delights Cardonald College had on offer at The Hub we party-hopped over to the stunning Glue Factory where The Glasgow School of Art’s Masters’ show was in full swing. While Cardonald offered a delicious taster of some arty goodness we’re happy that we still had a little room left to enjoy the Fine Art banquet that had been laid on by the MFA students.

Both location and atmosphere were wonderful, offering a welcoming setting for some of the finest work we’ve seen in a long time. The two year Masters course has nurtured some of the art world’s finest including Nathan Coley and Martin Boyce and a few of this year’s graduates demonstrated such a high standard of work that they have the potential to be equally as successful.

These students include Elizabeth McDonald, whose stunning paintings “Reminds Me of Me” and “Ain’t No Sunshine When the Freezers Low” won the heart of our Managing Director, so much so he’s willing to get out his cheque book if he can ever track her down. Other highlights included the delicate pen and paper drawings of Toni Drost, as well as the work of Alberta Whittle, featuring two beautiful, detailed busts sculpted from soap and wax that looked so good you wanted to lick them (well they did look like mounds of melting sorbet).

John Nicol’s cheeky “Guilded Tortoise” was flawlessly executed and added a little bit of well polished mischief to the show. Keep an eye on him, he’s a talented gent. James Hutchinson’s inspired display titled “proposal for a collection” offered visitors an interesting insight into the life and work of Mark Landis, America’s most prolific art forger.

The building itself is a breathtaking spectacle, offering a beautiful concrete labyrinth filled with arty goodness as well as amazing original features from when it was a functioning factory. At every turn there was a new delight to sample or corridor to explore, but if we are entirely honest, there were points when the interior’s vastness and beauty overpowered the work on display. But let’s face it, if the only complaint we have is “oh no, it’s just too big and beautiful, it’s distracting me from the amazing art work” then there really is no reason not to go along.

Oh Glasgow School of Art! With your array of Fine Art delights, you are really spoiling us! We’re just not sure how much more great art, good chat and free booze we can manage, but fear not, we’ll muscle on through for the student’s sake. Now, bring on the GSA degree show… woop woop.

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