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Pebeo Paint Winners

Congratulations to all our Pebeo Studio Acrylic Paint Set winners! There are so many of you we won’t list all the names but if you’re one of the lucky few you’ll have a message from us on either your Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. All the sets are being sent out this week and we look forward to hearing what you all think of these smashing sets.

For those of you who weren’t so lucky to snap up a freebie, you can still pick up your own Pebeo Studio Acrylic super cheap on our website. For those of you who are skeptical about tryng out a new brand of paint we’ve thrown together a quick review so that you get a better of idea of how fantastic Pebeo Studio Acrylic really is:

We adore Pebeo paint for loads of reason but it simple terms, it’s so great because it’s good quality but wonderfully cheap!

Created by a super friendly family run business the Pebeo Paint range offers a variety of colours from earth tones to vibrant fluorescent and iridescent colours. These guys are really passionate about what they do and they are always experimenting with new and innovative paints, colours and effects so keep an eye out for more new product lines.

Their acrylic has a good body to it, not so thick as to clog your brush but it keeps a firm shape and keeps its tips when you need texture. But despite being a student quality paint range (which usual means that substitutes are used instead of the more expensive pigments) the colours don’t get muddy when you mix them.

Another big reason we’re so impressed by Pebeo’s acrylic paint is they are wonderful value for money. Rather than the normal 60ml or 75ml tubes this range offers good quality acrylic paint in 100ml tubes for a similar price!

Now surely you can’t grumble with all that!

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