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Our back to college sale is in full swing!

These are difficult financial times and what with tuition fees soaring and bursaries being harder to find than Where’s Wally, we’ve decided to cut all you art students a little slack by providing you with pretty much all the art supplies you need to start your creative course at a fraction of their usual price!

But our helping hands stretch further than just offering you great quality art materials and letting you keep your beer money.   Artstore’s web monkeys have been grafting away, night and day to make the process of buying your art materials so simple even a monkey could do it! Our brand spanking new College section offers you tailored material lists that let you buy everything you’ll need at the click of a button. What’s more, all the lists have been personally selected by the course tutors themselves, so you won’t be wasting precious pennies on items that aren’t up to scratch.

Worry not if your college course isn’t listed. We’ve been working with art schools, universities and colleges for the last 15 years, so drop a quick e-mail to listing your course and where you are studying and we’ll lovingly create an art materials list that’ll cover whatever your lecturer has in store for you over the coming year.

Now all you need to worry about is getting to class on time and doing us proud!

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