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Lino cut your Christmas

Using the process of lino cut block prnting you can make cards, name cards, gift wrap and event presents in multiple of hundreds for a fraction of the cost of the same number of conventional pre-printed cards. And they are unique and personal too. And don’t stop at the paper items: with the right inks lino cuts work on fashion and interior craft projects. It is an incredibly easy technique that is very forgiving of a fairly rough drawing style.

  • Lino Block (Click here)
  • Lino Cutting tool (Click here)
  • Paint or Ink (Click here )
  • Roller (Click here)
  • Pen (Click here)
  • Coloured Tissue Paper (Click here)
  • Sticky tape (Click here)
  • We also have a handpicked set of Block Printing materials at a discounted price (Click here)
  • Flat, smooth surface for rolling ink. An old tile might do or a pane of glass. Whatever you use you may find it is left stained so choose carefully.

Step 1
Linocut 1

Take your Pen and draw the design you are happy with, be sure to draw your design in reverse so that it will be printed the right way round

Step 2
Linocut 2

Cut out your design with a the Lino Cutting tool, following the lines you have made, you want to cut out the areas that you DO NOT want to print, leaving the ares of your design raised and the background cut away. Make sure you don’t cut too deep into the lino or you risk making holes in the block.

Step 3
Linocut 3

Ink up your roller on a flat surface, here we have used a glass pane and Acrylic Paint instead of ink (quicker to dry), and roll on to your Lino. The key is to make the ink or paint nice and thin, to give an  even coating and avoid areas which have too much ink.

Step 4
Linocut 4


While ink or paint is still wet on the lino, place on to Coloured Tissue Paper and press firmly but evenly (do not move design on paper as this will smudge the ink/paint). When happy pull off your lino. Repeat this process until it completely covers your paper and leave to dry. The best way to get an even coverage is to use a printing press or a clean lino roller.

Step 5
Linocut 5

After it is dry to touch you can wrap your gift, taping were necessary.  After wrapping why not tie with a ribbon to finish it off!! See how creative you can be and post up your results on our Facebook

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