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Let Your Love Show

What is love?  Remember when you were young, and every picture you made your Mum stuck to the fridge door?  Even when your young artistic temprament knew it wasn’t your greatest achievement?  That, friend’s, was love.  Mum’s are good at it.

But now you’re a little older, and you’re trying to get the love and affection of more than just your mum. Well we’ve got the secret: the same hand made effect still works!

Love Heart

If you want to woo that special someone this valentine’s Day, we’ve got all the red and pink card, love heart cutters, glitter and PVA Glue you’ll need to make them go “awww”.  They might even stick it on their fridge door.

For those who doubt they’ve still got the artistic talent they used to impress Mum and Dad with when they were 7, we’ve also got the wrapping for that “saw this and thought of you” present.  We may even have the present too!  What says “I love you” better than this “I Love You” silver sweetie?  (Hand made cards, obviously, but it’s a close second).

As ever, the artstore team are all soppy romatics at heart, and always happy to help you make your loved ones happy this Valentine’s.  All you need to do is ask.

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