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It Pays To Be Our Pal

FriendsA friend in need is a friend indeed, and isn’t everyone in need of a little bit of a discount? To celebrate the fact that we’re such good pals, we’ve decided to offer you “mate’s rates” this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All you have to do is tell us “I love your website” when you make your purchase, and we’ll happily chop 10% off!

You’re probably thinking this only applies to people without discount cards and non-discounted products, but you’d be very wrong. We’re giving you an extra 10% off, regardless of whether you have a discount card or not or you’re buying our best paint deals!

Remember, it’s only this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so be quick or we’ll cross you off our friends list! (Not really, but we might not invite you round for tea quite as much).

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