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Introducing: The Bobble.

Hard to describe this item. Let’s say it’s got a lot of creative potential; make a small gift, or crowd of small gifts, special as we have shown in our video Giving A Gift From The Art on Youtube; or protect a fragile gift, like a plant; or a way of presenting a squashy gift, like a woolly scarf in a nice way. Afterward it’s a nice thing for the giftee to keep when other forms of wrap have been discarded. Filled with tinsel or Christmas baubles or even brightly coloured sweets it makes a great festive decoration.

You will need:

  • Clear Plastic Ball
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Ribbon
  • All of which are available in our Queen Street Store

Step 1.
The Bobble 1

Take your gift, here we have used the Jewellery and the Gift Boxes we made earlier, with your Clear Plastic Ball.

Step 2.
The Bobble 2

Add your gifts to fill the clear plastic ball, this can also be accompanied with soft wool bobbles or tissue paper.

Step 3.
The Bobble 3

Wrap your bobble in wrapping paper

Step 4.
The Bobble 4

Tie  a nice ribbon around bobble.

Step 5.
The Bobble 5

The ribbon should be tied with a loop that fits your finger and there you go, one giftthats going to stand out under the christmas tree!! See how creative you can be and we would love to see your  bobble presents on our Facebook

If you would like to see more creative ideas check out our Video Or for inspiration and the latest creations follow us on on Twitter or Facebook

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