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How To Fix a Canvas Dent

The canvas dent! It’s a common little annoyance that almost everyone who paints on canvas will have come across at least once. Whether it be someone carelessly knocking over your easel as you work, a canvas transit blunder or a gallery being less than careful with your cherished painting, there are literally hundreds of ways that your painting can take a little bump, even if it’s wrapped up tighter than a new born baby.

But worry not! Although the canvas dent is a little irritating it needn’t reduce you to tears. The solution is so simple anyone can do it!

Step 1:

Find a clean brush and a freshly washed container that can hold hot liquid.

Step 2:

Boil the kettle and fill your receptacle with hot water (might as well make yourself a cuppa while you are at it.)

Step 3:

Turn your canvas so that the back is facing you. Using your clean brush, generously coat the dented area with the hot water. For best results keep your canvas vertical.


Enjoy a hard earned cuppa while you wait for your canvas to dry, and the hot water works its magic!

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