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Halloween is about dressing up and eating sweeties.

Those are certainly our priorities – well, in fact I think I got the order wrong: Sweeties first, then dressing up – since dressing up is only a means to an end to get the sweets. But to us making your costume is half the fun!

We’ve got loads of great products for making your Halloween more fun and hands on. We’re more about the rugged charm of a bedsheet ghost costume than we are about those tacky store bought ‘1930’s Gangster’ or ‘Sexy Pineapple’ efforts, they cost a bomb and everyone’s got one on. Back when we were wee the fun part was figuring out how to make yourself look like who you were supposed to be with as few people as possible asking the question – we’re by no means a costume shop – but we have a whole lot of fun stuff that makes creating a costume and making decorations a lot easier.

We stock a huge range of Snazaroo face paints and we’ve been sure to order extras on the most popular colours, black & white. So we promise we’ll try not to run out. If you feel a bit more adventurous with your make-up efforts or you’re a dab hand at facial transformations our Grimas professional make-up products are great for the more dramatic effects such as fake injuries and the like. Decorating for a party is all part of the fun and sure, you can grab a handful of spiderwebs and spooky tombstones from the supermarket – but why not put a wee bit of effort in and make your own? We’ll be sticking up templates for paper decorations like the classic black bats, pumpkins and scary ghosts on our facebook and tumblr pages.

If you think like us and know that people would be into sorting out their own Halloween creativity – do us a  massive favour and share our poster on your blog, facebook, pinterest, tumblr etc. Let’s help make Halloween look awesome and DIY this year.

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