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Halloween’s coming!

The Halloween season is upon is and so here are 5 things that we believe every dedicated trick or treater should have in their tool box in anticipation of the big event!

1 – The Loyal Glue Gun

Perfect for last minute alterations or quickly repairing your lady gaga costume, that looked so good your pet pooch decided to grab himself a treat. It heats up fast, sticks pretty much everything and dries in seconds. Just be careful not to get hot glue onto the skin. Ouch!

2 – Black & White Face Paint

The emergency costume in two small 15ml pots! These make the perfect tools for a last minute costume and the possibilities are close to endless, from the old classics like a zombie, vampire or Uncle fester to weird and wonderful creations like going the whole hog and painting yourself as a Zebra with head to two in stripes. Perfect for impromptu fancy dress parties or dressing up the one person who didn’t read the invite and turned up in civvies.

3 – Double-sided Sticky Tape

Like the glue gun double sided tape can repair a multitude of mishaps quickly or make alternations to your custom with minimal fuss. Although not as effective as the good old glue gun, double-sided tape has the benefit of fitting in your handbag, under your top hat or inside your wolf suit pockets.

4 – A Super Sharp Set of Scissors

One great way to save time and ease stress when creating your Halloween costume is to invest in a decent set of sharp scissors. A good sharp scissor blade ensures precision cutting and a professional finish while saving you all the wasted time spent gnawing through your fabric and ending up looking more like a pink witch rather than a pretty fairy.

5 – Mastix (Skin Friendly Adhesive)

Safety first! We hate hearing about all the horrible mishaps that turn up in A&E around the Halloween season so if you really must glue an army of toy soldiers to your forehead or a giant horn to your chest please be sure to use skin friendly glue that will come off when you need it to without taking an inch of flesh with it.

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