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Glass Painting Kits

Yes it can be done. Take some humble glassware and transform it into a gift for yourself, or someone else. Makes a tumbler into a T-light holder or a tea glass.
Or make a glass plate into a personalised gift by adding a name and greetings.
Our kit has everything you need.

Step 1
Glass 1

Take your plain Glass Painting Kit.

Step 2
Glass 2

Add your plain and simple glass.

Step 3
Glass 3

Draw out a stylish yet simple design (not too complexed) with the tube of black paint supplied with the kit and let it dry

Step 4
Glass 4

Add colours with the paint provided and leave to dry.

Step 5
Glass 5

When touch dry pop in your candle and you have some custom made lights!! Winner!! See how creative you can be and if you have any really snazzy designs post them up on our Facebook

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