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Artstore loves All the Young Nudes

Artstore are the new sponsors of Glasgow’s popular life drawing group All the Young Nudes, and we’re over the moon about it!

The adorable folks that run the group deserve a big hug and a box of chocolates for all the hard work they’ve put into providing Glasgow’s art scene with a much needed alternative life drawing group, offering a chilled out atmosphere and good tunes as well as fantastic models with friendly faces.

Forget the usual stuffy classroom setting of traditional life drawing classes, All the Young Nudes is homed in Glasgow’s super kitsch, extra welcoming Flying Duck. Located just along the road from the Glasgow School of Art we reckon this life drawing group will wipe the memories of even the most horrific life drawing experience. No teachers, no right or wrong way to draw, fine music and a wee glass of wine. What more could a sketcher need?

Just in case you’re still in any doubt here’s 5 very good reasons you must attend!

Reason 1 – Practice Makes Perfect

You wouldn’t expect to pick up a violin for the first time and play a flawless version of a Vivaldi masterpiece, the same principle applies to drawing. While musicians start with Three Blind Mice, it’s so important that all would-be-artists draw regularly and set new challenges so that they develop the technical skill to do justice to all those fantastic ideas in their head when putting them down on paper.

Reason 2 – You Snooze You Lose

Just as body builders need to keep working out to maintain their physique it’s very important to work out your artistic abs, otherwise they’ll turn to mush. The life room is the perfect place to maintain your skill because it allows you to flex your talent and further develop your skills without the pressure of producing a flawless, gallery worthy piece of art.

Reason 3 – A Cure for Artist’s Block

When it comes to artist’s block, something is always better than nothing. Life drawing allows you to start being creative without the pressure of developing concept or finding a grand purpose for what you are doing. It’s also very relaxing therefore is great for anyone who feels anxious about putting their ideas on paper.

Artist’s block or a little bit of self doubt happens to even the most successful artists but it’s important not to let it stop you working. After all, it’s easier to build from the bottom up.

Reason 4 – Learn from Others

We don’t mean you should be comparing drawing or critiquing each other’s work (although this isn’t a terrible idea) but just seeing the tools other people use or grabbing a quick glance at what others are working on can make you want to try out tools and techniques you would never have thought of on your own.  For example, working with a dip pen and ink or using using a coloured paper.

Reason 5 – Getting out of the House/Studio

They say a change is as good as a holiday, so life drawing could be just what you need to breathe some life into your artwork and/or social life.

The class runs every Tuesday at Sloan’s Ballroom, just off Argyll St from 8pm to 10pm.

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