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A Little Inspiration

Jack Draws Anything

Watch out Jim Lambie, Scotland has an up and coming talent with an ‘art of gold!

Everyone at Artstore has fallen madly in love with the colourful drawings of a 6 year old boy named Jack Henderson.  Not only does this little lad give Dali a run for his money in the imagination stakes but Jack then donates all the proceeds he makes from his talent to the Sick Kids Friends Foundation (what a little darling!).

The whole thing started as a very sweet idea to give something back to the hospital that looked after Jack’s baby brother while he was sick.  Jack and his Dad set up a wee website called aiming to raise £100 selling drawings to family and friends for the Sick Kids Friends Foundation.  However, thanks to word of mouth (and the work of a lovely little boy) the site has gone global and the sick kiddies are now over £10,000 better off and what’s more the total is still rising.

Demand for Jack’s drawings has grown so much that he’s had to stop taking orders so he can clear the backlog.  But fear not, you can still enjoy the work of young Mr Henderson on his website and don’t panic, you’re not too late to make a donation….Go on! It’s for the Kids!  We’ve already donated loads of art materials to help Jack with his fund raising but we personally think this little boy deserves the moon on a stick for his efforts so please give generously.

Just goes to show what can be achieved with a pencil, a sheet of paper and a little bit of hard work.   Thank you Jack for proving to everyone that art really can make a difference.

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