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Model Racing Car Kit

In the absence of a Porche what could be nicer?
Our kits have everything you need to while away a dark winter afternoon, paints, car and brushes.
And when it’s finally finished it makes a fun home-decoration detail.
Finished item is about 5 inches long.


Step 1
Linocut 1


Take your plain Wooden Race Car, paint brush and paints out of the packet.

Step 2
Linocut 2

Draw the outline of your design on your car.

Step 3
Linocut 3

Paint around your design.

Step 4
Linocut 4

Add a second layer to make sure the paint has fully covered your Racing Car .

Step 5
Car 5

Let it dry and hey presto you got yourself a customised Race Car!! See how creative you can be and if you have any really awesome design post them up on our Facebook

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