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5 Creative Ways to Spoil your Dad

Dad’s are always tricky to surprise.  Socks, ties and shirts are their stable birthday gifts with the occasional power tool or CD thrown in for Christmas.   But after having a good chin wag with our daddies about wanting to get them something more exciting, each member of Artstore HQ has discovered that their Dad really doesn’t mind the lack of variety and looks forward to receiving their next lot of socks just in time for the last lot getting holey.

Not willing to sit back and allow these uncreative gestures of adoration of our favourite man continue we put on our thinking hats and came up with 5 thoughtful ways to jazz up Father’s day for our Dads.

1. Paint/Draw a Daddy Portrait

There’s nothing more flattering that someone taking the time to sit down and draw a picture of you, even if the end result looks like a pit bull chewing a wasp, especially if the person spending all the time is someone you adore.  But if you really don’t know where to start you could always make a fantastic collage of photographs and decorate the entire things with doodles, nice messages and general cool stuff.  You might even manage to draw a tear from that manly eye of his!

2. Make him a card

If your dad really is the best dad in the world then it makes sense to create him, his very own card that tells him so, rather than a shop bought card that everyone else’s dad gets.  It doesn’t have to be flash it just has to be unique, thoughtful and made by you!

3. Make him a voucher book

Our dad’s are forever spoiling us, picking us up and shower us in affection so why now hard craft him a book of vouchers of odd jobs and promises that you know he’ll appreciate.  The great thing about making your own means you can personalise everything, which is not only thoughtful but can be quite amusing.

4. Personalise beer/Wine/Juice bottles

Nothing’s more relaxing that settling down after a hard day’s work with a refreshing beverage, especially if you feel like you’ve earned it.  So why not replace the labels on whatever your Daddies favourite tipple is, so that every time he sit’s down to enjoy his drink he remembers just how much you adore him?  Just soak the bottles, peel of the existing labels and stick on your personal ones.  Easy to do and very sweet.

5. Do something together

Quality time is really important, and a great way to find this is to do start an art project together.  You could build a model airplane, create a papier-mâché castle or make something nice for mum.

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